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Manual washer for aprons and shoes

Washer’s rear partition is designed for hanging of an apron, while a crosspiece in the lower part acts as foot support. Brush that is mounted with a quick disconnect on a hose is used for apnons’ and shoes’ cleaning, while a diffuser mounted in themsame way rinses them. The brush can be filled with a cleaning-disinfecting liquid and is equipped with a cut-off valve. A 1/2″ service latenal for water connection is located in the washer’s upper part; sewage is drained ofi’ through Ø 50 water seal tnap in the lower part. Water can be delivered both from the left and nght side of the washer. The appliance leans backwards, so the assembly consists in moving the washer to the wall and hanging it on hooks screwed into the wall. The washer is made of stainless steel.

There is a possibility of chemistry dosage using injector method.