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Purity chamber

Manual washer for aprons and shoes

Washer’s rear partition is designed for hanging of an apron, while a crosspiece in the lower part acts as foot support. Brush that is mounted with a quick disconnect on a hose is used for apnons’ and shoes’ cleaning, while a diffuser mounted in themsame way rinses them. The brush can be filled with a cleaning-disinfecting liquid and is equipped with a cut-off valve. A 1/2″ service latenal for water connection is located in the washer’s upper part; sewage is drained ofi’ through Ø 50 water seal tnap in the lower part. Water can be delivered both from the left and nght side of the washer. The appliance leans backwards, so the assembly consists in moving the washer to the wall and hanging it on hooks screwed into the wall. The washer is made of stainless steel.

There is a possibility of chemistry dosage using injector method.

Compact hygiene station

The appliance consists of:
1. a tub and a grid placed over it,
2. a container for disinfecting liquid with spraying system installed,
3. a tumstile that is coupled electrically to spraying system.

Principle of operation:
An employee who leaves purity chamber and enters production area walks through the hygiene station and puts his hands under the photovoltaic cell that launches injection of disinfecting liquid on his palms. Simultaneously, shoes’ soles are immersed in disinfecting liquid. After distribution of disinfecting liquid on palms is done, employee walks through the windlass to the production area.

In case disinfection was not made, the tumstile would be blocked and would prevent employee from walking through.

Appliance’s dimensions:
Length: 1230 mm
VWdth: 850 mm
Height: 1321 mm

Automatic shoes washer of MPB 05 type

An automatic washer provides optimal washing of safety shoes (soles and shanks). A very good washing and disinfecting effect is achieved while using chemical agents. Simple construction and even simpler service make our washers highly useful in food processing (packing plants, abattoirs, dairies, fruit-and-vegetable processing and other).

Passable washer of MPB 05 type

It is intended for automatic cleaning of tall shoes in plants having over 20 employees. An employee enters the washer, holds onto the rail and has both of his shoes washed during about 30 seconds. Dosage of cleaning-disinfecting liquid is done after turning on of the washer.

Appliance’s dimensions:
Length: 1465 mm
Width: 1150 mm with platforms
Height: 1115 mm

Manual washer for shoes

Water outflow through a brusher is launched by putting foot on a pedal. A 1/2″ senvice lateral and water seal trap for drainage is located from below of the tub. The brush can be filled with a cleaning-disinfecting liquid.

Chemistry dosage can be connected!

Shoes-drier (warm air)

lt consists of a chamber, inside of which a heater with fan is installed. Welded spigots are located in front and rear sides ofthe appliance. Shoes that have to be dried are placed on the spigots. Warm air that flows through the spigots causes shoes’ drying. Flowing speed and air temperature have been pre-selected in order to perfomn complete drying operation dunng 4-6 hours. Fan switch and two heater switches are located on the side wall. Switching the fan off causes the heaters to turn off automatically.

Drier’s parameters:
Power ofinstalled heaters 2/4 kW
Voltage ~ Z30 \/
Materialacid resistant steel

Drier’s name Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
Two-sided (20 pairs 700 800 1900
Two-sided (30 pairs 1020 800 1900
Two-sided (40 pairs 1350 800 1900
One-sided (15 pairs) 1020 550 1900
One-sided (20 pairs) 1350 550 1900

Shoes-drier (air from the room)

lt is made of stainless profiles only. Welded spigots are located in front and rear sides ofthe appliance. Shoes that have to be dried are placed on the spigots. Air that flows through the spigots (identical to air in the room, where the drier is located) causes shoes’ drying. Centrifugal fan is an appliance responsible for pumping of air into the spigots.

Dn’er‘s parameters:
Voltage ~ 230 \/
Materialacid resistant steel

Personnel cabinet

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