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Automatic flushing machines for toilets

SLW O2K principle of operation:
A sensor detects movement and transfers an impulse to electromagnet that is mounted in under-plaster flush with support frame. The “bell” is raised and water flows to the lavatory pan.

Automatic wash-basin taps


SLU 22


Covered sewer

A sewer is designed for drainage of the water to sewage system from rooms, where it is used and where it flows dawn on the flor topping. It is made of acid resistant sheet, having 2 mm thickness. it cpnsists of a floor drain, in which a trapped outlet and sedimentation basinfor collection of contamination are piaced and of troughs. These trpagris are covered with strengthened covers, which could be made of sheet or flat bars. They may be located an one or both sides of the floor drain, depending on drainage needs. Troughs’ decline is about 1.5%. Levelling screws are used for levelling of the sewers. In case of greater distances, the sewer can be divided.

Floor drain

A floor drain is designed icir drainage eitbe waterta sewage system from rooms, where it is used and where it flows down on the floor topping. It is made of acid resistant steel. lt consists of a body, in which a water seal trap and sedimentation basin are piaced. Inner part of the water seal trap is embedded in the body using gasket. A cover, execution of which depends on floor drains carrying capacity, is located in trie body’s upper part. The cover could be made of flat bars that are directed in one or both sides. In the fiist case the carrying capacity is abcut 1 tone, while in the second case it is about 3 tons. The cover could also be made of complete sheet with a flowing slot located on the body’s circumference. Drainage can be straight ar angular.

Stainless tile trims for glaze

type 01

type 02

type 03

type 04

type 05

Fastener of stainless tile trims for glaze

Fasteners of extemal comer trims

Fasteners of internal comer trims

Automatic flushing machines for urinals

SLP 09



A sterilizer is designed for sterilization of knives, sharpening tools for them and other tools used in meat and poultry processing plants. lt is made of acid resistant steel. The basic element of sterilizer is a container with an insert for knives and steels. Sterilizer is not equipped with the insert while sterilizing axes and saws. Water supply is made through 1/2″ service lateral. and excessive amount ofwater flows off through an overflow pipe. A heater (heaters) is intended for water heating; it is controlled by temperature regulation system.

ST-4M Sterilizer
Used for: sterilization of knives and sharpening tools for knives.

Supply voltage – 230 V
Heaters power – 1200 W
Temperature range – 88 – 92 C
Capacity – 6 litres
Mass – 4.4 kg
Clock thermometer
Single side

ST5/4T Central Sterilizer
Used for: sterilization of knives. sharpening tools for knives. saws. choppers and axes.

Supply voltage – 3 x 380 V
Heaters power – 3 x 1400 W
Temperature range – 88-92 C
Capacity — 5 boxes; 4 knives each
Clock thermometer
Double side

Apron driers

A drier for 30 aprons as a bow that is screwed on to the floor toping. Apron is hanged on a “springy” hanger in the place of “meshes” located in apron near breasts and hips. Each hanger has its separated section; one is in a distance of 60mm from another.

Apron dries in the ambient temperature.

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